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A look at the life of a girl who loves her husband, is obsessed with her puppy dog, and eats way too much fast food.
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You be the judge…

Is this the dinner of a 4 year old, or a 26&29 year old married couple???

But honestly, I make amazing chicken cutlets!

(Steamed broccoli for Miranda)


Thankful for the Furminator!
It’s like this every time I brush him. He is just a giant ball of soft fluff.

Emilie and I were on our way to Taco Bell for dinner when Bayley called on FaceTime. (She got jealous.) So Bayley decided to hit up the Bell for dinner too!

So we had a sister dinner date!

Just because you are 1500 miles away doesn’t mean you can’t share the glory that is Taco Bell!

GPOY everyday

My perfect child.

Remy and I spent the afternoon and one of my favorite places. This park is historic. It’s one of the largest urban parks in the entire world. Has the last covered bridge in any major U.S city, and was first explored by the Lenape tribe. It was also a hangout for Edgar Allen Poe, and my PopPop. So that’s cool. I used to come here as a kid and ride my bike with my cousins, and wade through the creek chasing fish.

Together we walked about 4 miles, took in the scenery, and watched the birds. We stopped at several spots so that Remy could go swimming (his favorite) and I let him off the leash so he could go all the way in. Each time he stuck close to my side while still exploring, and then came when I called him.

Tonight, we cuddled on the couch during a thunderstorm, and then he let me brush his teeth. (I started making my own doggie toothpaste using coconut oil, and baking soda. But that might not be a real thing. I’m not a Veterinarian.)

He really is the best dog!

You may have already said this somewhere, but where can I buy that dress?!

This is probably my favorite dress of all time (except for my wedding gown) and I got so many compliments to which I kept responding “thanks! I know, I LOVE this dress.” -so gracious

It’s BB Dakota- Rayna-  from their Jack line. And it also comes in Plus Size. 

I found it on Zappos but I bought it from Bloomingdales when they had it in store. It is a Spring 2014 dress, but they re-cut it from last year, because it was so popular. BUY IT NOW if you want it. 

I wore a size 6, but I am typically a size 8 in BB Dakota, so I would probably size down one size. 

Then try to position yourself on a mountain overlooking a river, and let the wind blow the bottom of the dress to make you feel like the prettiest girl in the world.  

I haven’t had much to say on this old blog lately. So here are some of the most recent pictures on my phone.

I just realized I never shared about the wedding I was in last week, but if you follow me on Instagram you probably felt like you were there. It was incredible. Breathtaking.

Since then it has been naps, playoff softball, food, Remy, tv, and applying for one million teaching jobs.

Happy Friday!!!

From the happiest, perfect, puppy!

This little cuddle monster makes my day, every day.

Happy Friday, friends!


girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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