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Life By Liz

A look at the life of a girl who loves her husband, is obsessed with her puppy dog, and eats way too much fast food.
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First it was the Polar Vortex with freezing cold temperatures, and a winter that almost killed me…now it’s a Pollen Vortex? The article says “Those sensitive to pollen should stay inside as much as possible.” 

Oh Remington.

I love this dog so much.

Today was warm and full of sunshine so we decided to grill some kabobs, and then we started a fire pit. Myles’ cousin and his girlfriend came, and we had beers and chatted. It was lovely.

My only regret is not getting supplies for s’mores.

(Sorry for the picture of raw chicken. I took it to send to Bayley and then didn’t take a pic after they were cooked because I was shoveling them into my mouth.)

The trees are so beautiful…but I feel like they are trying to murder me. 🌳🔪 #chokingonpollen #allergies

A (golden) bunny! 🐰 #Remycottontail

Lunch on the river in New Hope with my husband! ☀️⛵️⚓️


Has this been discussed yet!? i’m a little surprised you guys, i figured my dash would be blowing up. 

Ummmm WHAT????

This morning Remy jumped up onto the bed and instead of his usual snuggles he was rolling around on his back, and just acting silly. I sat up and said “what in the world are you doing??” And when he looked back at me, I realized he got his head caught in the bottom of the duvet cover.

I let him thrash around, wearing it as a hat for 5 minutes because I was laughing so hard.


This is the level I want to be at all the time. We could all learn a thing or two from this hero.

It has been pouring rain all day long. And I’m working on a custom embroidery hoop for meredithisaleo and this little monkey climbed up onto my lap to snuggle. 

Have I mentioned that I love my dog? 

Yes, yes I have. That’s the only thing I have mentioned. Because this blog sucks. My bad. I will let you know if anything more exciting than snuggling my dog happens.