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Pretty exhausted right now. 

Tomorrow is my first IEP meeting, (8:15am) and I JUST got the IEP information, and access to the IEP writing program this morning. I have known this kid for like 4 days, oh and his dad is currently in law school. Don’t mess up Liz. 

I thought it was cool when they gave me an iPhone…until parents starting calling me on it. And I don’t get a prep time or a lunch. I sit in the cafeteria at their table to eat my lunch, and then we all go out to recess together.

I have a teacher assistant, and a one on one aide but I’m not sure I really taught anything today because I was so busy doing other stuff. Like data collection and emailing school psychologists, and determining benchmarks. 






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Squints walked a little taller that day.

Teacher of the year!!

Letting the kids watch The Sandlot. Because it a Friday. And I’m awesome. And baseball.

Decided to whip up a little bolognese. And since I had to open the bottle of wine to add to the sauce I figure I should have a glass or two.

I have been doing a really great job of meal planning, and prepping for the week. Today I had planned on making chili in the crock-pot, because school was closed but I am babysitting until about 6pm. 

But then last night when we were at Wegman’s they didn’t have the ground beef that I needed. (I like to buy their giant family packs because they are vacuum sealed in 1 pound packs, super easy to freeze, and a lot cheaper + I had a coupon.) So I figured oh, I still have 2 pounds in the freezer, I will just use that. 

I put the beef in the fridge last night to thaw, but it wasn’t thawed out this morning, and I wouldn’t have had time to brown it anyway. And now I’m just really sad about it. Because it has been pouring rain all day long, I have a cold, and I’m just tired.

Coming home to a simmering pot of chili would have been so clutch. 

Myles and I were in the grocery store doing our BIG haul for the month, and we got through the boxed food aisles and Myles stopped and said “we look like we are buying food for a frat house…don’t blog this or someone will tell you that you’re going to die young.”

So I’m blogging it. We got an entire cart filled with good stuff, and spent $135. And then I made my own 6 pack of pumpkin beers. YOLO!

Today was overwhelming. My new sub job is going to be super intense, as far as the work load/paperwork goes. The teacher I am filling in for was in a serious accident so he left nothing for me in the way of lesson plans, and took all the crucial student information.

So I needed to go for a long walk with the puppy dog to take in the sights and smells of the first day of fall. That face makes everything better.



puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

future puppy WILL be (very) temporarily located in odd places and videotaped.

I need an oxygen tank. PUPPY IN A MAILBOX!