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How come no one posted pictures of themselves getting wasted in the party bus on the way to prom?  

You all got drunk right? 

And was I the only one who went with kid who wore a suit that LITERALLY made him look like Barney? 

  1. colormecozy said: remember that time I dated that kid in the pink jacket with white pants. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  2. melodiousone said: I was a goody goody in high school. Didn’t drink until college.
  3. shesagoodegg said: I was more of a drunk in college. Can we talk about the guy in the pink striped jacket & white pants?? Whoa. Those are some suits your boyz had.
  4. yallhush said: ummm we had BREATHALYZERS at our prom………
  5. perkieandmowgli said: They smelled our breath in the way in and would suspend you if you drank!
  6. thedailycourtney said: Drunk off BOONE’S FARM. I think I still might have a Strawberry Hill headache.
  7. thegreatworldofmelissa said: We just went to prom long enough to take pictures then went and got wasted at the after party.
  8. thatgirlisstacked said: Both years we drank after. My senior year my bf was 22 so we stopped at the liquor store after grand March (didn’t stay for one second of the dance) and I drank on the way to the hotel.
  9. jenandginger said: I didn’t drink until college :) well…one time in HS and I ended up being benched from cheer for it
  10. ohhwaffles93 said: I didn’t drink until freshman year in college was almost over
  11. lspoon said: I actually didn’t drink until college? I’m a weirdo.
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